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I have a netbook, and I really enjoy watching (also because Rai has an idiotic policy for people like me living abroad: only RaiNews24 is available for us emigrants).

However, things being what they are, I am not always connected to the Internet. Therefore, I’d like to download some replicas of TV shows they air (like news, or the incomparable Crozza’s Italialand!) on my hard disk, and watch them while waiting (say) at the airport or in the train.

So, I wrote a script to download videos from directly. Just go there, open the episode you’d like to download, and run this Ruby script passing it the URL:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require 'uri'
require 'net/http'
require 'rexml/document'

# Constants
LA7TV_URL = ''
ARCHIVE_URL = 'rtmp://'

if ARGV.empty? or not ARGV[0].include? LA7TV_URL
  $stderr.puts <<-EOD
This script downloads videos from, for your personal use only.
The idea is that you can watch what you see online for free, but offline too.
Please be sensible and don't use this method for breaking the law.

Please make sure rtmpdump is installed.

Usage: #{$0} <>
  exit -1

asset_number = ARGV[0].split('assetid=')[1]
xmldoc = Net::HTTP.get URI.parse(sprintf DESCRIPTOR_URL, asset_number)
xml = xmldoc
videos = REXML::XPath.match(xml, '*/videos/video')
video = videos.max_by { |video| video.elements['quality'].text.to_i }

local_filename = video.elements['originalName'].text
remote_filename = video.elements['fms'].text.gsub(/^mp4:\//, '')
remote_url = sprintf ARCHIVE_URL, remote_filename

puts "Downloading #{local_filename}\n\tfrom #{remote_url}"
Kernel.exec "rtmpdump -e -o '#{local_filename}' -r '#{remote_url}'"

It’s maaagiiiic! 🙂 Remember to install rtmpdump (available in most distros), and of course Ruby.

PLEASE USE THIS RESPONSIBLY. You are consuming a lot of bandwidth in a short timeframe on their server by downloading things instead of streaming them, so: a) do it only for personal use, and b) don’t do it for things you will not watch.


2 Responses to Downloading videos from

  1. jopo says:

    grazie per lo script. Just one note, since I do not use ruby but other programming languages I was not aware that the part “This script downloads videos from, for your personal use only.
    The idea is that you can watch what you see online …” was part of the same code. To me it appeared at first like 2 different pieces of code separate from one another. Try to use the code tag or the “txt” so that ppl know its an output.

    Anyway that was just a suggestion. Thanks again for your code , so far it works fine; hopefully lasette won’t change the way the url source works anytime soon. 😛

  2. […] is a ruby program I found online ( by downloading the video you have the ability to skip comercials and fastforward the […]

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